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Pastor Tony Villari

Panspermia - Evolution or Creationism?

  • Once again I find myself wondering why creationists and evolutionists can't come to a meeting of the minds. The more science discovers, the more they prove the existence of an intelligent force at work in the universe. Whether we call this force "God" would seem irrelevant to the fact that we would have to call this force something in order to allow for cogent discussion on any subject concerning it. I am more than willing to adopt the Star Wars definition dealing with a dark and light side of a "force" as there must always be balance in the universe, and I also agree with Taoist philosophy concerning an ultimate power, the Tao, controlling the universe. We can call it a force of energy simply at the mercy of universal restrictions, which would explain why everything in the universe must operate within certain parameters and, therefore, explains why everything is so similar, but that opens up the question of what, or who, put said restrictions in place.

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