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Pastor Tony Villari

This Is Physics?

  • Channeling an extraterrestrial entity ranks right out there with séances, remote viewing, life after death, out of body experience, anti-gravity, God, channeling spirits, and transporter technology - beam me up, Scotty!  Faith be damned, such things are still flying high out in left field waiting to be caught, or dropped, proved or disproved.  As much as my faith says I believe in a lot of it, I have to admit we can't make a scientific determination because we simply don't have a scientific method to prove or disprove that which defies common logic.  And even if we could, we would still view it with the critical eye of disbelief.  Scientific academia refuses to even acknowledge what they consider junk science, much less work to prove it.  Such work is relegated to agencies like the CIA.


    To read the rest of my, almost late, post, please follow this link to my personal blog, "The Path":  This Is Physics?