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Pastor Tony Villari

Soul Food for Thought

  • Those of you who have read my posts, my thoughts dealing with time, reality, and the afterlife, will recognize, hopefully, much of my thoughts in the opening quote, above, of noted quantum physicist Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr.  Our ideas on this are so similar I could have written this quote, utilizing many more words of course.  I think he considered his larger audience and "dumbed" his thought down a bit.  When I was taught to write papers for the "general audience," I was taught to do so at a second grade level, not that everyone was incapable of understanding above this level; it was simply to ensure everyone understood.  You don't address non-medical personnel about taking a "5 cc" dose of medication; you tell them to take "one teaspoon" of it.


    To read more of this post concerning the “soul” and such, please follow the attached link:  Soul Food for Thought