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Pastor Tony Villari

Perpetrating Violence against Women

  • I took off my best "Hawaiian" print shirt in a Mexican cantina one evening, and handed it to the loser of a cat fight who had her own one-piece outfit ripped off, leaving her drunk and in nothing but her socks.  I took my own naked torso, and my half bottle of beer, and went outside where it was warmer and less violent.  I never saw the shirt again, didn't expect to, but this is what a real gentleman does for any woman.  This is the way I was brought up.  The fact that she was a "barfly" fighting with another "barfly" was of little concern; all women are deserving of respect, even if they don't have any for themselves... or don't show it.


    As always, constructive comments are always welcomed, especially when it pertains to something as controversial as this subject.  Thank you!  To read the rest of this post, please follow the attached link:  Perpetrating Violence against Women