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Mary Kay Dranzo

Theistically Neutral Meditation 4 Racial Justice

  • A Theistically Neutral Meditation/Prayer for Racial Justice and the Reformation of White Supremacists & Neo-Nazis, Invoking Martin de Porres

    Most humble Martin de Porres,
    whose burning charity embraced not only your needy siblings,
    but also the very animals in the field:
    Splendid example of charity, we hail thee and invoke thee,
    from the high throne which you now occupy.
    May your life serve as great inspiration,
    that by imitating your virtues,
    we may see that of the holy in every individual,
    regardless of class or color or background,
    and live as one loving human family,
    always treating our neighbor as ourselves.


    In this time of racial strife,
    we ask that your spirit touch the hearts of those
    who think they are superior because of their color
    or religion.


    And may we who know your lessons
    never turn our backs on those who do not know them.
    May we remember that these humans
    also have inalienable & inherent worth and dignity.
    As we wish to never be abandoned or given up upon,
    when we fall short of Goodness,
    we, too, need to not abandon them,
    and to remember that no matter how monstrous
    their mindsets or behaviors are,
    they are not monsters,
    but still people, worthy of love,
    forever our peers on this planet,
    and we are responsible for them.
    (And that, in remembering that they are people like us,
    that we too could fall into such mindsets or behaviors,
    and to always be wary and vigilant against such evils.)


    And so, may we embrace our siblings
    whose hearts are filled with hate.
    May we remember that their minds are also filled with fear,
    may we show compassion to their pain,
    to create a safe space for dialog
    that leads to change,
    while, with concern yet firmly
    instructing away
    from the mindsets that breed inequality
    amongst the human race.


    May our unequivocal invitation of belonging,
    the love of our communities,
    and the careful instruction we provide,
    turn the hearts and minds
    of those who foment violence & destruction
    towards their fellow human beings.


    May the power of our love be strong enough
    to break down the walls of hatred & exclusion they have built
    to protect their fragile hearts & egos.
    May our compassion and welcome be enough to
    leave them feeling safe & secure in themselves
    and their rightful place in the world
    as equals beside all people.
    May they feel confident enough to seek help
    for any other issues that may have driven them
    to formerly seek belonging in exclusionary community.


    May these people repent & reform,
    finding rehabilitation,
    being born anew
    with a new heart, a new mind, and a new spirit.
    And then, may they go forth to share with the world,
    and especially their former fellows in hate & violence,
    the necessity of a new way of being,
    and hope towards those ends.


    And may we who know & believe in your lessons
    always remember that our own internal work is not done
    that our hearts are never fully pure,
    and we, too, have room for improvement.


    May this hallowed work bring us closer
    to the day when all will live in peace, freedom, and harmony,
    one people in a just world.


    Martin de Porres, be with us,
    all of us,
    on our minds & in our hearts.




    The first 5 lines came from https://bethanytwins.wordpress.com/2008/11/03/saint-martin-de-purrs/