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  • Your Sacred Access

    Friday, August 18, 2017

    In the Scriptures, those who minister to God are called Cohanim, meaning the priests. They were those in charge of God's service and were given access to the Holy Place behind the veil. It's no accident that the ministers of God were given access to His presence because those who minister to God have to dwell in His presence. The only good things we can do for God are the good things we receive from Him first. Those who do the will of God are given special access to the presence of God. As a servant of God, He's opened for you the doors of His sanctuary, to meet you in the secret place. If you're committed to doing His will, He will open the doors to show you His glory and fill you with His power so you can do His work. Because you are a spiritual Cohanim through Messiah, serve Him with all your heart. Come into the Holy Place daily where the glory, power, and presence of God are waiting just for you, His priest. Enter in behind the veil, for that is your privilege and your access.
    From Message #975 - Sailing Away

    Scripture: Ps. 132:9

    TODAY'S MISSION - Enter into the holy place of His presence today and minister to Him in His presence, as His priest.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn