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  • The Other Heaven

    Monday, August 21, 2017

    The Hebrew word for heaven is Shamayim. The 'im' at the end makes it plural, so the word heaven means specifically two or more. Shamayim means not just heaven, it means heavens. We think of heaven as that which comes after this life is over; it's not yet, but it will be. In one sense, yes. But that's just one heaven, so there has to be another one. If one is then, then the other heaven is now. Heaven can't just be a place you go to after this life, it's got to be the place you live now. For a child of God, heaven is not just something that will happen in the future, it's where we live now. We’ve been born from above. We’re already seated in the heavenlies. It's not just getting into heaven, it's about letting heaven get into you, into your life, because it's not just heaven, it is Shamayim - heavens. Discover the secret of it and start dwelling in it right now. Don't wait until you're dead to start living it. Heaven is too important to not live in now.
    From Message #978 - Shamayim: The Mystery of Heaven

    Scripture: Eph. 2:6

    TODAY'S MISSION - Learn the secret of dwelling in the heavenlies now, and live our life from heaven to earth.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn