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  • The Path Of The Magi

    Tuesday, August 22, 2017

    The magi were priests of a pagan religion, yet they found Messiah because they were seeking Him.The Jewish leaders of that day, knew about God but didn't find Him because they weren't seeking Him, they were heading the wrong way. It's not your position or your past that matters - it's where you're heading. A sinner who's heading to God is better off than a saint who's falling away. So where are you heading? Paul said, "I discipline my body[...] so that after I've preached to others I won't be disqualified". He also said, "Forgetting what lies behind, I press on". He started out every day as if he were a new believer who had as much to know about the Lord then as at the beginning. Have the same attitude. Seek to know God, because we don't even know the half of God. It's not who you have been, or even where you are, it's where your heart is heading. Don't rest on your laur els. Seek God again as you did at first. It's a good road, it's the road of the Magi.
    From Message #979 - Amazed in Cyprus

    Scripture: Jer. 24:7

    TODAY'S MISSION - Make it your aim today to seek God with all your heart and draw nearer to Him.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn