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  • Magnifying The Magnificent One

    Tuesday, August 29, 2017

    The Koran contains a statement directed at believers in Yeshua (Jesus). It says, "Oh people of the scripture do not exaggerate in your religion, the Messiah, Jesus, Son of Mary". It calls Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, but doesn't understand what the Messiah is. Don't exaggerate the Messiah? How could you exaggerate the Messiah? He's the One who reconciles man to God, becomes a light to the nations, brings peace- first spiritually and then physically to the world, makes the lion lie down with the calf, ushers in God's Kingdom, and reigns upon the throne of David. Don't exaggerate the One who saves us from hell and who redeems us for everlasting joy? Don't exaggerate Him? How can you? If there is one thing you can't exaggerate, it's the Messiah. As people of the True Scriptures, followers of the Anointed One, Messiah Yeshua, don't stop lifting up the Lord. You can't speak enough about Him, praise Him enough, lift Him up, and rejoice enough in Him. Don't worry about exaggerating the Messiah. You couldn't if you wanted to, because He's just too great. He's the Messiah.

    From Message #984 - The Secret of Islam

    Today's Mission

    Magnify the Lord today in everything you say and do.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn