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  • Rabbi Paul And Your Commentary

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    The Talmud and the Targums are Judaism’s writings on the Bible and commentary on the commentaries of the Bible. When you read the writings of Paul, it’s clear that he was a rabbi schooled in the Writings of the Rabbis. His writings are every bit as rabbinical in style and approach as that of the Talmud and the Targums of Judaism – except that he has the answer, the truth of Messiah, and the Spirit of God. God prepared him all his years before Messiah – to become an expert in commenting on Scriptures and bringing out their deeper meanings so that you could be blessed with the epistles. So, too, God has given you His Word and salvation and He wants you to comment on it, discuss it, share it, proclaim it, rejoice in it, and contemplate it. He’s given you His Word. Your life is to be the commentary on His Word. Let everything in your life, word, and deed be a commentary on G od’s love and salvation.God gave you the Bible. Let your life now become its living, continuous, and never-ending commentary.
    From Message #163 - The Five Gospels

    Scripture: 1 Tim. 4:15-16

    TODAY'S MISSION - Make everything you do today a commentary on the truth, love, and salvation of Messiah.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn