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  • The Success In The Failure

    Friday, October 13, 2017

    Robert Moffett, a Scottish missionary to South Africa, came back to Scotland to recruit missionaries. He preached a message titled, “Unto You Oh Men, I Call”. It was winter and only a few women, along with a small boy who had come to work the bellows of the organ, showed up. He felt discouraged, knowing that few women could be expected to undergo all the harsh conditions of Africa, but he gave a call to the mission field anyway. Little did he know that the little boy was stirred by the message and decided that one day, he would follow in Moffett’s footsteps. He grew up, earned a degree in medicine, and then spent the rest of his life ministering in Africa. His name was David Livingstone. You’re not called to be a success in the eyes of others or even a success in your own eyes. You’re called to be obedient. Only in heaven will you truly know what you accomplished because you were faithful. Whatever you see or whatever you don’t see, be faithful and your life will be a success in the eyes of heaven.
    From Message #1470 - Plan B

    Scripture: Prov. 3:5–6

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, focus on the endgame and put your effort into living God’s plan, no matter what you see. Be faithful and trust God with the results.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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