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Brenda Payne

We All Have Something to Give

  •        Today I heard from an old friend. We had been coworkers for several years, and close during that time, but had lost touch after I moved to a new job.  She has had a rough 3 years and was feeling down and she reached out to me. I listened...for almost 30 minutes. My heart broke for her. She is such a sweet woman. I wanted to reach through the phone and just hug her. Then she said, " I am so envious of you!" You see, she had been following me on Facebook, and knew that I am doing great right now. I am healthy. I got the opportunity to travel much this summer. I am rested and ready to return to my job as an elementary teacher. Life is good...for me. For her? not so much.

          So, I listened. And told her I was here for her. And listened some more. And when we finally ended our phone conversation, after I promised to call her later in the week, I felt a strange sensation: guilt. As I write this, our country is going through a dark period. Hurricane Harvey is ravaging Texas. And I am happy. Very happy.

          What is my point? Well, I realized that we all have periods of trials and tribulations. We have bad days, months, years...But when the good comes, we should not feel any guilt about it. Instead, we should try to share the good feeling, spread it around, give of ourself. So, I listened to my friend. I promised to call. ANd I plan to keep that promise. I am going to donate to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Harvey cleanup. I went to the store and bought school supplies for needy students and teacher supplies for new teachers.  Not so I could be thanked, but because I am sharing my good fortune. 

          Being selfless is quite easy. you simply give yourself to others...an ear to listen a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand..a dollar in the hand of a homeless man... a bag of school supplies for the needy child down the street... Right now, there is so much love  in my heart. I need to share it. ANd the best thing? the more I give, the more it grows. A win-win situation.!