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Joe Hopkins

For Those Who Are Contemplating Suicide

  • An important thing to consider to those who may be contemplating suicide:

    Comfort may come from knowing that the person who has committed suicide is all right. They are okay. There is no such thing as “punishment” in what you call the Afterlife. They are loved and never forsaken by God. They will simply not have achieved what they set out to do. That is important for anyone who is contemplating suicide to understand.

    Death, as is birth, is a powerful moment of creation. Death is designed for going TO something, not for escaping FROM something.

    The sad thing is that those who end their own life imagine that they are going to change things, and they are not. Ending your life to escape something does not create a situation in which you escape anything. If you are thinking of ending your life in order to avoid something, you should know, I say again, that you are contemplating something that you cannot do.

    A wish to avoid that which is painful is normal. It is all part of the human dance. However, in this particular moment of that dance a person is trying to push herself or himself away from something that the soul has come to the body to experience, not to escape.

    What you call “death” IS wonderful, but it is no more wonderful than LIFE. In fact, “death” IS life, simply continuing in a different way.

    I want to be very clear here. You will encounter yourself on the other side of death, and all the stuff you carried with you will still be there. Then you will do the most ironic thing. You will give yourself another physical life in which to deal with what you did not deal with in the most recent one.

    It is the “purpose” of physical life to provide you with a context within which you may experience what you choose, in the spiritual realm, to experience.

    And so by leaving physical life you will escape nothing, but will place yourself right back into physical life, and into the situation you were seeking to escape … except now you will be back at the beginning again.

    You will not see this as a “punishment” or a “requirement” or a “burden,” because you will do this all of your own free will, understanding it to be part of the process of self-creation, for which you exist.

    So you might as well deal with whatever you are dealing with in this particular lifetime cycle. Indeed, that is what life is for. When life is used in that way, you will die when you are ready to use death as a tool with which to create a new and different life.

    Suicide is the use of death to escape, but it creates the same life all over again, with the same challenges and experiences.

    Of course, there is nothing “wrong” or “bad” about creating the same life challenges and experiences over again. It is simply important to know, if you think that you are going to escape these challenges, that you are not. You are going to find yourself looking straight at them again. And, of course, that can get a bit repetitious.

    What makes some people feel that they just don’t want to face their present challenges anymore is the idea that they are to face them alone. This is a false thought, but it is held by many.

    Loneliness is the biggest affliction in the world today. Emotional, physical, and spiritual loneliness—the feeling of being isolated and injured or burdened in a way that no one understands, and of being without resources—is a formula for hopelessness.

    It is in the face of endless hopelessness that, at last, nothing seems to matter except escape. Yet you cannot and will not escape, but merely repeat from the beginning what you are seeking to avoid.

    That is why I come here now to tell you that you are not without resources, none of you, and I ask you to announce this to all the world. You have but to call on me with absolute knowing that I will be there. You have to reach out with absolute faith, to see me reach back.

    I want you to consider now the possibility of a miracle. Open your eyes and you will see it. Open your mind and you will know it. Open your heart and you will feel that it is there.

    I say … only if you call out to me in absolute knowing will you be aware that your answer has been given to you.

    There is only one question of importance in the entire universe, and it has nothing to do with your guilt or innocence. It has to do with your identity. Do you know who you really are? When you do, all thought of loneliness disappear, all ideas of unworthiness evaporate, all contemplations of hopelessness transmute into wondrous awareness of the miracle that is your life. And of the miracle that is you.

    And finally, my beloved, I say …

    You are surrounded in this very moment by a hundred thousand angels. Accept, now, their ministrations. And then, pass their gifts onto others. For it is in giving that you receive, and it is in healing that you shall be healed. The miracle for which you have been waiting has been waiting for you. You will know this when you become the miracle that another awaits.

    Go then and perform your miracles, and allow your death to be the moment of your greatest glory, not an announcement of your greatest sorrow. Use death as a tool with which to create, not with which to destroy, with which to move forward, not with which to go back. In this choice you will have honored Life Itself, and allowed Life to bring you your own grandest dream, even while you are living with your physical body: peace within your soul at last.

    As a last note, euthanasia cannot be equated with suicide. People who decide to end their life that is a very short time away from ending anyway, with every medical evidence indicating that, are making an
    entirely different kind of decision.

    Those who see clearly by every medical evidence that their physical life is all but over may choose to ask, “Is it necessary to suffer this final pain and indignity?” Each soul will have an answer that is right for it, and no soul will answer the question incorrectly—because there is no such thing as an “incorrect” answer.




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