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Joe Hopkins

The New Gospel

  • For this is the new Gospel:

    There is no master race. There is no greatest nation. There is no one true religion. There is no inherently perfect philosophy. There is no always right political party, morally supreme economic system, or one and only way to Heaven.

    Erase those ideas from your memory. Eliminate them from your experience. Eradicate them from your culture. For these are thoughts of division and separation, and you have ‘killed’ each other over these thoughts. Only the truth I give you here will save you: WE ARE ALL ONE.

    Carry this message far and wide, across oceans and over continents, around the corner and around the world.

    And with this declaration of the New Gospel, dispel forever the second-most dangerous idea on which human beings have based their behaviors: the thought that there is something you have to do to survive.

    There is nothing you have to do. Your survival is guaranteed. It is a fact, not a hope. It is a reality, not a promise.

    You have always been, are now, and always will be.

    Life is eternal, love is immortal, and death is only a horizon.


  • Rev. Wesley Pennell
    Rev. Wesley Pennell One is the way to find for the stupidity is why one is never good enough!
    August 21, 2017
  • Joe Hopkins
    Joe Hopkins Your statement doesn't make sense ... what are you trying to say?
    August 22, 2017