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Joe Hopkins

Life Itself Is A Repetition

  • Life itself is a repetition. It is impossible for anything new to occur. It is only possible to have new experiences of that which has occurred many times before.

    God is Repetition. Life is God, repeating itself.

    Acquire a taste for repetition. When you do, you acquire a love of God, and of life.

    You will know this this Spring, when you once again see the flowers bloom. This Summer, when you once again bask in the sun. This Fall, when you once again smell the freshness in the air. This Winter, when you once again stand on wonder of new-fallen snow.

    You will know it when you smile at the sound of a favorite melody that you have heard over and over again, yet of which you never tire. Or when you next move into love’s fond embrace, of which you cannot get enough.

    These things you have done over and over again, and you love the repetition.

    These experiences, wonderful as they are, are trivial compared to the repetitions involved in explorations of eternal truth.

    Tire not of seeking the truth, nor of finding it.


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