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Joe Hopkins


  • Awareness is a twofold process, there are two paths by which it is reached. A soul arrives at Complete Knowing along the path of the “spiritual” world, and at Complete Experiencing along the path of the “physical” world. Both paths are needed, and that is why there are two worlds. Put them together, and you have the perfect environment within which to create Complete Feeling, which produces Complete Awareness.

    Feeling is the language of the Soul. Awareness of Self is achieved through the complete feeling of your Self being Who You Really Are.

    The shortest path “Home” for an individual Soul is not necessarily the best path. The path that brings you the most benefit is the path that brings you to Completion—however long that takes.

    The moment of Absolute Awareness—that is, of Knowing and Experiencing and Feeling Completely Who You Really Are—is arrived at in steps, or stages. Each passage through a lifetime can be considered one of those steps.

    No soul arrives in Absolute Awareness in one lifetime. It is the cumulative effect of many passages through the Life Cycle that produces what might be called “Complete Completion,” or Absolute Awareness.

    Each passage is ended when the agenda or the mission of that particular passage has been completed.

    That Life ends when you have completed what you came here to the physical world to experience this time.

    You then add what you completed here to what you completed on other journeys through Time, until you ultimately “have it all together,” and Absolute Awareness has been achieved.

    The overall process is complete when Who You Are has been fully known, fully experienced, and fully felt.

    “Going Home”, it turns out, is a place called Completion.