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Send Turnbull A Spine

  • www.sendturnbullaspine.com
    Hosted by DIY Rainbow & Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH)

    August 13 marks the 13th anniversary of the Howard Government amending the Marriage Act to define it specifically between a man and a woman only.

    Despite a decade of support from the majority of Australians, and apparently the Prime Minister himself, the Parliament has failed to deliver marriage equality. Well on this anniversary we think it's time to deliver the Prime Minister something he desperately needs on this issue - a spine!!

    HELP US! We're raising funds to build a massive spine and send it down to Canberra. Any donations small or large are appreciated and the details here here: www.SendTurnbullaSpine.com

    We are fundraising for costs only.

    Join us Sunday afternoon at the Imperial Hotel front bar in Erskineville as we take photos with the giant spine before waving it off in our vehicles for delivery in Canberra on Monday 14 August.

    Media Enquiries/PM/Police/Wanna Help?

    James Breko (DIY Rainbow)
    0421 958 464

    Cat Rose (CAAH)
    0405 770 302